Evaluates the Bush presidency's legacy in terms of the 'war on terror'


“No less of an indictment of the consequences of Bush’s decisions than it is survey of how his administration came to believe that political problems can be solved by military action.” –  Jon Roper, Cambridge Journal of American Studies

“Takes a thoughtful look at the legacy of two increasingly unpopular wars, focusing especially on the human toll.” — Washington Post

“Limns out a grim sketch of the Bush Legcy.” — The Antigonish Review

“Locat[ed] within … a historical and intellectual as opposed to political or event-driven context.”  — Global Research

“A superb job in addressing the significance of G. W. Bush’s Sept. 11, 2001 declaration of unreserved violence and political imprudence against the world.”  — Salt Spring News

“An honest assessment of the Bush administration, and a reminder of the consequences of war.”  — Strand, NYC

“Merciless in anatomising the bungled initiatives by which the American politico-military establishment … was wrestled to a stalemate by a guerilla force reliant on mules and sandals for its traction.” — Amazon UK

“Concise, precise, lucid and ultimately quite compelling.”  — Amazon USA